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Lee Sorensen ~ VSA-Florida Brevard County

I am writing in support of Blast Off Performing Arts as a stellar non-profit in Brevard County. This organization is leading the way by providing what often can be life changing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Using improvisation as a method for teaching such valuable life lessons as self-esteem, social skills, focusing, cognitive training, leadership skills and physical agility is brilliant!

These strategies encourage their students to be more comfortable with themselves while having a lot of fun. Research has proven that for real learning to take place, learners must feel safe in their environment and the improvisation method does that! Even the most resistant student will eventually find their niche’ and grow from the experiences.

Students become better students and adults learn and improve job readiness skills! We are so excited that this group participated in our 5th Annual Performing Arts Showcase at the King Center! The community of Brevard County is fortunate to have this organization working collaboratively and leading the way for our citizens with disabilities. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any other assistance in this effort!

Warm Regards,
Lee Sorensen Director,
VSA-Florida Brevard County


Every Tuesday I go to Improv with Grant, Robbi, Chris & Tayler. The instructors are Mr. Eric & Ms. Sandi. Improv is helping kids with disabilities, learn to react & respond to unexpected situations, and builds confidence & creative abilities. It also does abstract thinking, problem solving, affective thinking skills, and also gives a sense of pride& accomplishment. Our classroom goes once a week. I feel that what this has done for me, knowing my classmates better, helps build my confidence, gain my knowledge, and express my feelings a lot better. I'd like to thank Ms. Sandi & Mr. Eric for volunteering every week. If it wasn't for people like them, I wouldn't have the opportunity to have fun & learn new things.

Rising Stars Academy

To Whom It May Concern,

I am submitting my letter of support for Sandi Paine’s non-profit, Blast Off Performing Arts, Inc. Rising Stars Academy is a private school and had the privilege of working with Ms. Paine when she volunteered during the last school year. She brought her improv program to our students and taught many valuable lessons.

During the course of Ms. Paine’s instruction to our students, many having learning disabilities, I witnessed growth and confidence come forth within each child. They all absolutely embrace this form of learning and expression, otherwise suppressed within them. The lessons they came away with were invaluable. Each class teaches and embraces social skills, cognitive functioning, focus, and enhances self-esteem.

Ms. Paine’s leadership abilities are naturally apparent when she’s leading the class. She’s compassionate about this program and is thoughtful of each and every student. Our school is looking forward to working with Ms. Paine again in the near future.

Roni Stockdale, Director