Improv for Special People

Energy Transfer Game

Energy transfer is a non-competitive game.  It is similar to the old game of “telephone”.  

Participants stand in a circle facing the back of the person next to them.  The facilitator (or anyone in the circle) starts the game by turning to the person behind them and making a noise accompanied by an action (for example, push nose with finger and say “boink”).  The person who receives it  then turns to the person behind them and repeats what they saw/heard.  The action/noise is passed around the circle a few times, then replaced with a new action/noise and the game is played again.  

The object of the game is to accurately receive and send the action/noise.  It is deceptively simple because it requires focus and attention to detail.  Attention must remain fixed on the person in front of you and not on watching what takes place around the circle.  Participants should try their best to accurately mimic the action/noise. They are also encouraged to turn and pass the action/noise rather than repeating it back to the sender.  If necessary, the facilitator can walk the circle and give verbal reminders to the participants, i.e., “Turn around!  Pass it to the person behind you!” “Now quick, turn back!  Get ready for the next one!”

Once the group has mastered successfully passing one action/noise, a second or even a third action/noise is added.  The faster pace requires more focus and concentration.  It also encourages the group to cooperate so that none of the action/noises get “dropped” while being passed around. 

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