Improv for Special People

Super Hero

Super Hero is an improv warm-up and social ice breaker game.

The participants form a circle.  Taking turns, each player makes up a super hero name, and performs an action that demonstrates their super power while the rest of the group watches. 

After each player has had a turn, a new round begins, but with an additional twist.  This time, a player says their super hero name and demonstrates their super power, then picks another player, says that player's super hero name and performs their super power.  The 2nd player then says their own super hero name, demonstrates their super power and picks a 3rd player. The 2nd player states the 3rd player's super hero name and demonstrates their super power.  This continues until everyone in the group has named themselves, and been named by another player.

This game develops helps develop cooperation between the players, and  increases memorization and concentration skills. In a situation where all the players are not familiar with one another, it can help by expediting interaction with each other. Everyone gets a chance to participate.  This game also gives each player an individual moment to shine as well as intereact in the group setting.

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