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We love what we do at Blast Off Performing Arts. Our students are our star performers. This is where we showcase their work. Browse through the galleries to see the fun experiences we've had.

Scenes from the Stage - The 2018 Performing Arts Showcase at The King Center in Melbourne, FL

Enjoy these photos of Blast Off Performing Arts with The Brevard Achievement Center Tropical Improv Troupers, The Bayside Bears Improv Troupe and Blast Off Performing Arts' very own DJ Paine performing with instructors Erick Terhune and Sandi Paine at the 2018 Performing Arts Showcase at the Maxwell C King Center in Melbourne, FL. This annual event gives performers with disabilities a place to show off their talents. Your donations help...

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Energy Transfer Game

Energy transfer is a non-competitive game.  It is similar to the old game of “telephone”.   Participants stand in a circle facing the back of the person next to them.  The facilitator (or anyone in the circle) starts the game by turning to the person behind them and making a noise accompanied by an action (for example, push nose with finger and say “boink”).  The person who receives it  then...

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Gibberish Game

Gibberish is a fun and interpretive improv game.  It is played in groups of 3 seated in a row of chairs. The two people on each end are having a conversation with each other.  Because they can only speak in gibberish, it is up to the person in the middle to “interpret” each of the end players’ comments to the other. The interpretation is solely up to the middle player to decide.  The conversation can be as...

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Friends and Family Showcase

On May 8th, 2018, after several weeks of practice, Rising Stars Academy's Blast Off Performing Arts Troupe performed an improv showcase for friends and family. Led by intrepid instructor Erick Terhune, the group showcased their mad improv skills through a series of improv games.  These formerly shy and introverted students had a blast showing off their newly won confidence and camaraderie.  Improv can help increase confidence...

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Super Hero

Super Hero is an improv warm-up and social ice breaker game. The participants form a circle.  Taking turns, each player makes up a super hero name, and performs an action that demonstrates their super power while the rest of the group watches.  After each player has had a turn, a new round begins, but with an additional twist.  This time, a player says their super hero name and demonstrates their super power, then picks another...

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