Improv for Special People

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Blast Off Performing Arts, Inc. teaches improv classes tailored to children and adults with special needs.
We focus on increasing cognitive, interpersonal, and communication skills through role-playing, games and group story telling in a fun, inclusive and safe environment.

Blast Off Performing Arts

We work to create positive social changes, promote and showcase achievements within disabled individuals who may have hidden acting, musical, social or other performing abilities. Blast Off Performing Arts, Inc. will always support charitable education in the performing arts and will cultivate, focus and support the science of cognitive behavior.

Our team aims to identify, cultivate, and foster any specific talents and characteristics revealed through self-expression and role-playing. Our methodology shall include teaching subject matter that will improve critical thinking skills, increase the recognition of these skills, the use of verbal and physical cues for better communication, improve self-expression, explore self-awareness through role-playing, increase the use of imagination by interacting with non-existent objects and spaces, and learn cooperative and social behavior through interactive games and group storytelling.

Elliot Paine
Our Inspiration is Elliott Paine
"I like improv because it lets me express how I feel. It's awesome and really fun. I want to make people feel happy."
Elliott Paine

Our Story

Sandi's son Elliott is a bright, energetic man who pours his enthusiasm into everything he does.

Throughout his childhood, Sandi enrolled him in a variety of classes to pursue his hobbies and engage with others in a fun setting. He loved music and dancing and thrived in the spotlight so she searched for programs to develop these talents. The choices were sparse.

Two years ago, she enrolled him into a beginner improv class with the Not Quite Right Comedy Improv Troupe. She saw his confidence grow as he began to interact with others in a fast-paced, nurturing environment.

An idea was sparked and she volunteered to teach improv classes for two schools: The Blast Program at Bayside High and Rising Stars Academy.

A showcase was held at the end of each program and the results were dramatic. Students who couldn't focus their attention at the start of the session were now fully engaged, cheering on their classmates and having fun performing in front of a crowd.

She started Blast Off Performing Arts to make performing arts more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Tailored Classes

We tailor our classes to children and adults with varying disabilities.

Focus on Fun and Safety

We engage in role-playing, games and group story telling in a fun, inclusive and safe environment.

Partnering with Established Programs

We partner with established agencies in Brevard County to ensure professional caretakers are present at all times.

Positive Social Changes

Learning improv helps fosters self expression and confidence for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

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Your donation will enable an individual to explore a new hobby to gain confidence and social skills.

We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation located in Melbourne, FL. Which means your donation is tax deductible

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